Here are some information about the genealogy tree of my family, Pistarini.

Last update (July 2015):
Here you can find a split-by-branch of the tree, to make it more easy reading for you: (beware they are updated up to 2010 findings)

If you want an RTF file updated to July 2015, here is!
If you want to "work" on the Tree you can buy the Sw "Family Tree Maker" (on July 2016 it is at $69) and use this file. (3MB worth)

1730 Giuseppe e Antonia Maria Talpone
         1854 Innocenzo_Rosa Aime.pdf
         1858 pietro_maria prati.pdf
         1860 Matteo e Olimpia.pdf
         1862 Francesco e Clotilde.pdf
         1864 Giovanni Agostino e Angela Lamborizio.pdf
                     here you can find me, Walter
         1865 Cristoforo e Gasti.pdf

If you're in this tree I'd appreciate to have more info about you and your family, expecially pictures and, within picture, the one of the weddings. I'm preparing a book (that will be available to all the relatives) with many pictures in it.

Here is a big pdf of the whole tree I've built so far. It is more than 10MB so be aware of what you're asking for!... the Pistarini tree.