Fabrizio de André
in Finnish

2019 June, 2nd

Last version of the songs translated in Finnish.

Here they are.


2019 January 19

After my latest contribution from April 2018, I have added four new translations, Terzo intermezzo, Amico fragile, Tre madri and La cittá vecchia. Can you please replace the existing file with the one attached.

Best wishes from freezing Finland

 Juha Rämö



April, 4th, 2018

Dear Walter,

I have added a new Finnish translation  (Si chiavama Gesù) and would very much appreciate if you could replace  the existing file with the attached one.

Yours sincerely

 Juha Rämö



From: Juha Rämö
Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2010 1:45 PM
Subject: Faber in Finnish

Dear Madam / Sir,
A few years ago, my friends from Genova acquainted me with the music of Fabrizio de André, and from the first moment I was touched, fascinated, and hooked. Unfortunately, I'm not able to understand Italian, not to mention Genoese or Gallurian. Therefore, in order to understand the message and content of his songs, I could only rely on German and English translations of them.
The more I heard and searched the more I wanted to know. The next step, therefore, was to start translating his songs into my mother tongue Finnish. I decided to do this not only for myself but also because for some reason hard to understand de André seems to be completely unknown in Finland.
So far, I have translated 9 of his songs into Finnish and 2 into English. I'm attaching my translations in the hope that they would find their way to your excellent webpage.
All my texts are based on German translations by Michi and Herbert Killian ( with the exception of La guerra di Piero (Pieron sota) which is inspired by Christian Rafelsberger's work ( That of La guerra di Piero is also the only singable one of my translations.
Yours sincerely
Juha Rämö


July, 6, 2016 Dear Walter,

Since the last update, I have added 4 new translations: Il pescatore, Ballata delli impiccati, Fila la lana, and La domenica delle salme. In addition, I have replaced the Finnish lyrics of Quello che non ho with singable ones.

Once again, I would very much appreciate if you were kind enough to put the attached document on your webpage.