Quello che non ho (L'Indiano)
traduzione in cinese di Zhang Changxiao

Ciao!I remember very well the first time I listen to De Andre music : I was walking on the street,just landed from China, when I heard a kind of special music coming from a shop. It strongly seized me,the sound felt like Lenard Cohen, I was touched ,I went into the shop and the owner told me that the singer name is Fabrizio de Andre . Since that very moment I began to focus on this singer and I felt more and more passion like a magnetic attraction for those songs…

Lyrically, Andre' songs frequently present his sympathies towards anarchism, liberalism and pacifism, often rebellious people and gypsies—although he has also shown a penchant for more conventional Genova ballads.

 I have tried here to produce translations of a few of his songs that are both fairly literal and at the same time very pleasant to listen that is the reason why I aim at introducing De Andre music to China.


 Lecco,Italy, 11/30.2012

你好!我深深的记得当我第一次听到De Andre的歌曲的情景:当时我刚到意大利不久,正逢闲来无事 在家附近的街中散步,听到一个酷似莱纳德科恩的声音,魔力般抓住了我,这种感觉以前从未有过,我被触动了。便进了店询问店主, 后得知这个歌手叫法布里奇奥·德·安德烈,从那时起我开始关注这位民谣歌手,磁性动人心魄的嗓音,让我我感到一股难以抗拒的力量 ……
安德烈的歌曲经常表现出对无政府主义,自由主义,和平主义者的同情,作品也多描写叛逆的人,底层人民以及吉普赛人,当然他对 传统的热那亚民谣也情有独钟。


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